• Portion of bravas fried potatoes
    5,10 €
    All i oli (garlic sauce), and hot sauce.
  • Portion of potato fried “little John”
    5,50 €
    Fried potatoes, caramelized onion mayonnaise, crispy bacon, onion crispy and parsley.
  • Croquettes
    2,00 €/u
    Meat stock or mushrooms.
  • Croquettes
    2,20 €/u
    Iberic ham.
  • Hummus with toast and carrots
    9,50 €
    (Chickpeas, tahina, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper).


  • Vegans
    7,95 €
    Guacamole, “pico de gallo” (diced vegetables) and soya bean chilli.
  • Standard
    7,40 €
    Guacamole, cheddar cream and “pico de gallo”.
  • Carnita
    8,80 €
    Pulled pork, bacon and cheddar, with guacamole and pico de gallo.

Our salads

  • “Lecha” salad
    9,90 €
    Lombard cabbage, mezclum lettuce, carrots, spring onions, mixed nuts and crispy onion. Honey vinaigrette, mustard, mayonnaise and sesame oil.
  • Floresteca
    11,50 €
    Mezclum lettuce with spring onions, carrots, apples, crounts, fried bacon and fried chicken. Honey and mustard vinaigrette.

Shoyu ramen

  • Japanese soup
    Broth made with beef, pork, chicken, vegetables (carrot, onion and celery) and a dash of oil flavored with garlic, spring onion and julibert..OPTIONS: MEAT: Bacon, marinated pork and bacon. TARE (with which the pork, bacon and egg are marinated): soy, sake, miri, garlic and ginger. TOPPING (wheat noodles, cabbage, sesame, spinach, bacon, egg and shredded meat) Spicy option


  • Nems vietnamese
    Fried rice pasta roll with pork and macerated vegetables (carrot, cabbage, spring onion, garlic, parsley and ginger) accompanied by Vietnamese peanut or sweet chili sauce.

Chicken brochette

  • Grilled
    9,80 €
    Marinated chicken. With mashed potatoes and cheese.
  • Breaded with caramelized onion mayonnaise
    9,80 €
    Chicken breaded with corn flakes and corn nut, served with caramelized onion mayonnaise and French fries.

Our sandwiches

Sesame burger bun (contains powdered milk and mustard)

With friet potatoes +1€

  • Vegan burger
    9,80 €
    Rice and lentils with curry,burger, guacamole, lettuce, tender onion, diced vegetables and xipottle sauce.
  • The simple one
    7,60 €
    Sesame burger bun, 100% beef hamburger 120 gr, with Emmental cheese.
  • Fat Freddy’s burger
    10,20 €
    Sesame burger bun, 100% beef hamburger 180 gr, lettuce, onion rings, gorgonzola, caramelized onion mayonnaise.
  • Gran Kahuna
    10,20 €
    Sesame burger bun, 100% beef hamburger 180 gr, lettuce, cheddar cheese cream, guacamole, mayonnaise and diced vegetables.
  • Pulled pork
    9,50 €
    Sesame burger bun, American salad, pulled pork in its juice, cheddar sauce, mayonnaise, crispy onion and chives.
  • Milanese
    9,90 €
    Galician bread, chicken in batter, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and emmental cheese.
  • Pearson
    9,90 €
    Galician bread, Emmental cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and grilled filleted chicken.
  • Krunchy bacon
    7,80 €
    Sesame burger bun, fried bacon, 3 cheese (cheddar, emmental and monterrey) and caramelized onion mayonnaise.

Floresteca summer rolls

Rice paper rolls and Vietnamese sauce (included): sesame oil, soy, rice vinegar, onion, peanut, ginger, garlic and optional chili. They all go with fresh vegetables in summer: endive, green beans, carrots and spring onions.

  • Vegetarian
    9,10 €
    Tofu, fresch vegetables and rice noodles.
  • Mountain
    9,60 €
    Pulled pork, chicken, bacon, fresh vegetables and rice noodles.
  • From the sea
    9,90 €
    Prawns, surimi, fresh vegetables and rice noodles.
  • Of smoked salmon
    9,90 €
    Smoked salmon, fresh vegetables and rice noodles.
  • Vietnamese nems
    10,50 €
    Stir-fried vegetable roll (carrot, cabbage, spring onion, garlic, julibert and ginger) pork with Vietnamese peanut sauce or sweet xili sauce.


Mexican wraps (Wheat flour).

  • Smoked salmon
    10,95 €
    Cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber and guacamole. Served with Tzatziki sauce (Greek yoghurt, cucumber, olive oil, fresh mint, garlic, lemon, pepper).
  • Vegeterian
    9,60 €
    American salad, cucumber, guacamole and tofu. Served with Tzatziki sauce (Greek yoghurt, cucumber, olive oil, fresh mint, garlic, lemon, pepper).

Our woks

To choose, rice or noodles. Sauces: Thai: soy, coconut milk and curry. or Japan: teriyaki, white wine and sesame.

  • Vegetarian
    11,30 €
    Tofu and vegetables.
  • Beef
    11,80 €
    Pulled pork, chicken, bacon and vegetables.
  • Prawns
    12,50 €
    Prawns and sauteea vegetables
  • Egg
    11,00 €
    Vegetables and egg.

Floresteca Quesadillas

  • Tex-Mex Quesadilla
    12,50 €
    Pulled pork, bacon, chicken, corn, cheddar, guacamole, chipotle and sautéed vegetables (onion, green, red pepper and cabbage).
  • Vegan quesadilla
    11,60 €
    Textured soy vegan chili, rice, sautéed vegetables with tofu, corn and guacamole.
  • Vegetarian quesadilla
    10,60 €
    Sautéed vegetables and cheddar and emmental cheeses.

Our wines


  • Azoe
    11,90 €
    Verdejo - D.O. Rueda
  • Blanc de Seré
    15,50 €
    Young organic wine - D.O. Costers del Segre
  • Llumí blanc
    12,20 €
    Young wine with a citrus touch - D.O. Terra Alta


  • Murillo Viteri
    14,20 €
    Crianza - D.O. Rioja
  • Llumí negre
    12,20 €
    Crianza - D.O. Terra Alta
  • Estol Vert
    16,50 €
    Organic wine. D.O. Tarragona


  • Murillo Viteri
    10,90 €
    Fruit rosé - D.O. Rioja

Win house in glasses

  • Priorat
    2,00 €
  • Verdejo
    2,50 €

Our suppliers